Project report


Spiritual morning at CPDC 

Pattaya, Thailand. By Khun Toy

13 Oktober 2015 - Yesterday, we had the honour to welcome Carolin and Alexander Toskar from the 'Spiritual Health Charity' at the CPDC.


The organization is a non-profit association which is based in Cologne, Germany. They are dedicated to help children and dependent people with spiritual power. It has the intention to raise the health and vitality of needy people and their carers. Furthermore they want to strengthen their skills for self-healing. For 4 years, we have the pleasure to be supported by them and we are looking forward to many more.


After every child received a pretty 'do good feel good' T-Shirt, they gave energy sources to the children and then they did different energy exercises with every child. The children should also give each other energy, which was really great to watch. It was a very peaceful and bracing unit for everyone. Such a precious experience!


After this great activity everyone could eat lunch together, which was very delicious as usual.


At the end, Carolin and Alexander Toskar gave a donation of 200.000 Baht to the CPDC. This is such a huge present for us. That is why, we are so grateful for this donation and their support, especially for the time they spent with the children. Thank you very much for the pleasant morning and your generous sponsorship!


Radchada Chomjinda (Toy)


HHN Foundation Thailand

Pattaya Orphanage, CPDC