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Human Help Network Foundation Thailand / Pattaya Orphanage

Your contribution supports the orphanage, as well as the 'Sotpattana School for the Deafs', which is next to the orphanage.

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Human Help Network Foundation Thailand /

Child Protection and Development Center

Your donation supports 1. The Child Protection Center, 2. The Drop-in Center, that provides free meals, medical supplies, counseling,and protection for the homeless children. 3. The social workers. 

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Breast Cancer Haven

Your support means that the Haven can provide one-to-one care for people going through the toughest time of their lives.

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Streetkids International e.V.

Your contribution supports a sponsorship of an orphan as well as a two-year carpenter apprenticeship for a trainee.

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All Projects

To support our work

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Account Name: Spiritual Health Charity

Name of Bank: Volksbank Koln Bonn eG

IBAN: DE03 3806 0186 4606 0660 10




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